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About MBL MALL Limited

MBL MALL Limited missions include searching quality wine globally, building professionally-designed wine cellars, forming wine clubs and stores, for wine lovers to share the enjoyment. With professional team of rich experience in wine, MBL introduces foreign, locally-known wineries into the Asia-Pacific Region, meticulously selected wine from all over the world are constantly imported in original bottles. Established in 2009, MBL has been expending its distribution network continuously, there are over 80 branch shops, clubs and distribution points in China Region, in areas include Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian Province, Guangdong Province, Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Hunan, Jiangxi Province, Guangxi and Yunnan Province etc. MBL is the exclusive representative for many world-known wineries, including Braastad Cognac XO and Chateau de Beaulon XO, quality and variety of products are well recognized by connoisseurs and wine lovers.

Wine Storage Management Systems
MBL Wine Group’s wine cellar is one of the certificated companies in Hong Kong with qualified fine wine storage facilities. The Wine Storage Management Systems (WSMS) Certification Scheme is a comprehensive suite of certifications designed specifically to assist businesses in the wine supply chain to take systematic and effective action to protect against wine deterioration. It encourages and rewards organisation which establish and implement management systems to identify, measure and reduce risks that might lead to undesirable effects on our wine. The certification process follows a well-proven and internationally recognised methodology that gives an objective and impartial attestation of the ability of management systems to deliver wine storage, transportation and retail services that fulfill good management practice accepted by wine industry experts. It ensures that good industry standards are applied, improving the competitive edge of the industry, which will ultimately benefit consumers and wine collectors.

Storage Facilities of our subsidiaries in PRC China
The China market is one of the biggest in the world. MBL stores all wines in one of the bonded warehouse in the Tax Free Port of Guangxi where one of our subsidiary is located.
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