Château de Beaulon

The Chateau was built by the "de Vinsons" family in 1480 during the reign of King Louis XI. At the dawn of the renaissance period Beaulon’s architectural style was still flamboyantly gothic. The North face bears witness to this original style of construction with the exception of the extensions on either side. In 1965 Christian Thomas acquired the Chateau and it continues as a family business today. Fully aware of the importance of conserving such a heritage site he sought to list the chateau as a historical monument, the title was accorded in 1987. He undertook a campaign of restoration affecting the entire building but he paid particular attention to the improvement and extension of the vineyards. Chateau de Beaulon Cognac and Pineau des Charentes, under the firm passionate control of Christian Thomas for more than forty years, have become synonymous with exceptional quality, be it at home or abroad. Beyond being an AOC Beaulon Cognac and Pineau are a culture, an ”art de vivre”. The Cognac and Pineau are produced from a single vineyard, unique in the Charente region and registered in the cadastral register under the Beaulon estate, as such guaranteeing the authenticity of the chateau.