Georges Vigouroux

Malbec shows its true colours! The English called Cahors “the Black Wine” in the Middle Ages, and its colour has definitely not faded since then! With the Pigmentum range from Vigouroux, Malbec shows its true colours! Taking its name from a Latin term meaning “that which colours”, Pigmentum is a wine with a remarkable hue. It exemplifies Malbec’s ability to synthesize large quantities of anthocyans, the natural pigments to be found in the skin of red wine grapes. Let’s hear it for colour! The Pigmentum range includes 5 delicious, fruity, upfront wines with shimmering colours that add something truly special to your meals. In Quercy, all that is precious is black… especially its red wine! For four generations, this “black wine” has flowed in our family’s veins, and been the object of all our efforts in the historic Cahors vineyards. In love with this grape variety – its history, aromatics, and deep black colour – we have made it our leitmotif from father to son, perpetuating our know-how and values since 1887. Owners of 147 hectares of vines in the Southwest of France, the Vigouroux family are widely recognized as Malbec specialists. Thanks to their four wine chateaux, each with a distinct style, they offer the finest expression of this premium grape variety on terroirs best suited to it. The painstakingly-made Vigouroux wines feature a wide range of colours, going from pure black to deep red to intense crimson, by way of dark purple, accompanied by all the fine, typical flavours of this unique winegrowing region. The delicious Pigmentum range, with its modern, attractive packaging, epitomizes the best the Malbec grape is capable of producing. Pigmentum is a wine that make your day special special, whether you enjoy it only occasionally or on a regular basis.

Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.
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