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IDEALDRINKS produces top quality wines, spirits and olive oil, all made in Portugal and distributed around the world. We aspire for our products to be ambassadors of what Portugal does best. IDEALDRINKS, a subsidiary company of IDEALTOWER Group, was established in 2010 by Carlos Dias, a respected Portuguese businessman of international standing. Passionate about wines and a great epicurean, he decided to invest in Portugal and embrace the challenge of producing wines, spirits and olive oils of excellent quality. These products are intended to be ambassadors for what is best in our country. We produce wines in different MAIN regions including: DOC · VINHO VERDE WINES Divided into nine subregions, with a total vineyard area of 34.000 hectares, the biggest Portuguese Demarcated Region is recognized by the typicality and originality of its wines, naturally light, clear and fresh. In an exuberant green landscape, the climate is strongly conditioned by the extensive Atlantic coastline, the profusion of rivers and valleys and the unique relief of the region - quoting Amorim Girão, "a vast amphitheatre gradually rising from the seashore to the interior." A climate is characterized by cool temperatures, high humidity and abundant rainfall, especially in the Winter and Spring. The soils are homogeneous, mainly granitic, shallow and of high acidity, except for two narrow bands that cross the Region towards NW-SE, one from the Silurian period (444 to 416 Ma), where carboniferous and slate formations appear, and the other of schist from the archaic period (4280 to 2500 Ma). As result from the human intervention throughout the centuries, especially through the construction of terraces and the persistent incorporation of organic matter in the soil, the soils have acquired a very good level of fertility. DOC · BAIRRADA The first one among the Portuguese Demarcated regions to explore the sparkling wines, Bairrada is also recognized for its modernity and dynamism, bringing together wines of classic style and wines of a more international style, incorporating foreign grape varieties. With approximately 12.000 hectares of vineyards, this is a flat coastal Region developed in gentle hills, an extensive plain originated in the old deltas of Vouga and Mondego rivers and in the indented marine shoals, crossed by a network of small rivers and protected by Buçaco and Caramulo mountain ranges in the east. The climate is mild and temperate, marked by a strong Atlantic influence, with long, cold and rainy winters and hot and sunny summers, softened by the West and Northwest winds common in the coastal regions. We must highlight the high daily temperature range during the grape ripening season with a difference between the daily maximum and minimum temperatures that can reach 20°C. The soils are divided into clay-limestone of Triassic (251 to 200 Ma) and Jurassic origin (200 to 145 Ma) and sandy derived from the Plio-Pleistocene period (2,6 to 0,01 Ma). DOC · DÃO Dated 1908 and second Demarcated Region created in Portugal, the Dão Region, subject to a significant restructuring and modernization in the 90's, is recognized for the aromatic and gustatory elegance of its wines and, especially in the case of red wines, for its excellent potential of aging in bottle, what gives them a unique complexity. Surrounded by hills and mountains that protect it from the winds, with the majestic mountain Serra da Estrela in the horizon and the mountain ranges of Nave, Montemuro and Lapa at north, Caramulo at west and Buçaco, Açor and Arganil at south closing the circle, the Region has perfect geographical conditions for vine-growing. Being spread over approximately 20.000 hectares and divided into seven subregions, the vineyard is a subtle image among the landscape, dispersed by lands of different altitudes, mainly located 400/500 metres. The hydrographic network ofthe Regions is characterized by a rigid line-drawing, indicating a clear adjustment to the relief structure where the two main rivers of the Region flow - Dão River and Mondego River.

Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.
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