The Wine area Vino de la Tierra del Bajo Aragon, divided in four sub-regions, is located between the provinces of Zaragoza, Teruel, Tarragona and Castellon. Evohe decided to settle in this little shire called “ Campo de Belchite”. Their grounds are level (flat) and droughts, by the rain shortage. Evohe nears Lécera which is located in the great steppe plain, surrounded by vineyards and cereals, excelling between the windy baroque bell tower of the parochial church. By the way the visit to the Old Town of Belchite is necessary to lose itself that was destroyed during the Civil War in Spain in a bloody battle. Evohe was established by three wine enthusiasts: Ricardo Mosteo, Henrik Heikel and Alfonso Mort. Their intention is to share with the wider world the wisdom of generations of winemakers dedicated to the development and elaboration of the variety Garnacha grown in Aragón since the 12th century. Garnacha comes from Sardinia as a specimen of plant. The Island was at this time part of the kingdom of Aragón where it was brought to these fields and trained. We see Aragon as the birthplace of this Grape due to that this took place in the 12-century. It later spread to the world starting with the neighboring country, France (Grenache). After looking in several areas, they found what they sought for, Lécera in one of the most remote lands of Aragon. In Aragon, old vines of 40 to 80 years in a semi-desert climate where scarce rainfall and strong contrasts in temperature every day among all seasons make the plants subjected to endless punishment making the vines into amassing survivors transmitting that special character in Evohe wines. The Winery was built in 1912 in an old fashion way. Temperature control during fermentation is made by the fact that the deposits are large Concrete deposits dug down in the earth. This natural traditional method of cooling works perfectly. It also enables Evohe to use Natural jest. Due to not having static energy that find in the cooling system of metal tanks, you will not need isolated resistant genetically manipulated yeasts. The natural diversity will give much more aromas and taste. A simple technique that gave quality that is being lost due to the modernization. The meticulous care that Evohe puts the wine over all is possibly overambitious for a simple wine as Evohé range. It is intended to interfere as little as possible letting nature do its work so it can be tasted almost as “grape juice”.

Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.
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